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show me cool dogs
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Hanging out with friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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male teachers arent allowed to dress code female students anymore at my school because somebody pointed out that if they had been dress coded for their shorts/skirt being too short or their bra showing by a male teacher, that meant said male teacher was looking at her ass and boobs i am laughing my fucking ass off

where is the lie tho

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welcome the bear sphere
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welcome the bear sphere

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The ultimate dad joke compilation

Reblog for “Robeneros”

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Voices From Beyond
Some call it a spirit board. Some call it a talking board. It is used to commune with something from another place…

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You call me gay I


I hate this fucking gif so much because no matter how much I look at it this guy will never get hit. he will keep on making this gay pose. I hate this guy so much. Basically I feel like that guy on the right looking at him with so much hatred in his eyes (except my fashion sense is a little better than that)

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